Pet & Animal Dermatology

Skin conditions (including the ears and feet) are perhaps the most common concerns that can affect our pets and frustrate their owners. We offer testing and treatment for new and chronic allergies, thyroid and hormonal dysfunction, parasitic and microbial infections, and many less common problems.

Common symptoms of dermatological conditions

  • Itching and scratching
  • Hair loss and excessive shedding
  • Dandruff, pealing skin, scabs and sores
  • Head shaking and odor from the ears
  • Feet licking and chewing
  • Scooting on the rear-end

Common conditions affecting dogs and cats

Allergy Testing

Many dogs and cats in Southern California suffer needlessly from environmental allergies often requiring high levels of medications, countless veterinary visits and fees for symptomatic relief that may only last days, weeks, or occasionally months. Many pets are misdiagnosed by friends, neighbors, or by “Dr. Google” as being allergic to grains, corn, and topical flea control products only to be promised immediate relief with expensive diets or “cure-all” supplements.

Allergy testing performed with a single blood sample can provide critical information for pet owners with allergic dogs or cats and can be used to create a desensitization therapy customized to your pet’s allergic profile. This therapy can help reduce or even eliminate the need for medications and visits for allergy relief, allowing us to focus on other areas of preventative care or simply allow your pet to be comfortable in its skin.

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