Day of Surgery

What to expect the day of surgery:

We request that your pet arrive to our hospital between 8:00 am and 9:30 am on the morning of the procedure. Although water can be provided until the time of admission, we require that your pet arrive on an empty stomach having NOT eaten breakfast. We may provide a small meal to your pet after
surgery is completed and your pet has recovered from anesthesia.

For recently adopted pets being transported to us from their respective animal shelters, we will notify you by phone upon their arrival and completed physical examinations. An itemized estimate will be presented for required authorizations. You may call us the morning of transport to provide us
with any contact information not readily available or for inquiries about the procedure, directions to the hospital, etc.

Every patient is thoroughly examined prior to anesthesia or any surgical procedure. If the physical examination reveals anything that may alter the surgical plan, you will be notified immediately so that adjustments or additional authorizations can be made.

Surgical procedures are prioritized according to the critical nature of the procedure, the time necessary to perform the procedure, and the expected recovery requirements of the patient.  Most procedures are started between the hours of 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm allowing adequate time for complete anesthetic recovery before being discharged the same day. For those clients with time sensitive
needs, arrangements can often be made if we are notified in advance.

Pre-operative blood testing (optional for many elective or reduced cost procedures) can help reduce anesthetic risk and identify unforeseen conditions that would otherwise prohibit surgery until the condition has been remedied. Many of these conditions are not always detectable on
physical exam alone. These tests can often be performed on the day of surgery before any anesthesia is administered.

Every patient is provided with pre-anesthetic therapy designed to reduce or eliminate surgical pain, protect the heart during anesthesia and reduce the depth and time of anesthesia necessary to safely and comfortably complete the procedure. We will also provide post-operative pain control medications free of charge for all spays and neuters.

An Elizabethan Collar (“anti-lick and chew” collar) can be provided to prevent your pet from compromising the surgical site. Despite the initial frustration of wearing the collar, most dogs and cats quickly adjust to them within 24 hours and can eat, drink, and sleep while wearing them until the
surgical site has been given optimal time to heal (usually 5 to 7 days on average).  If you decide to purchase one from our facility, you may return it in any condition for the purchase price to be applied to your client account as an in-house credit towards future services.

Upon discharge, our staff will cover all instructions, provide all necessary medications, forms and certificates, provide emergency contact information and answer any questions that you may have. Please allow yourself ample time for us to provide you with this very important information.


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